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What you see in our site is what you pay. The price includes FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the country. Yes we ship to anywhere in the 48 contiguous states for free.

We do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii. We also do not ship to Canada, Mexico or The Caribbean. For customers that need headstones in any of the above locations we will work with the shipping companies of your choice and ship to the origin shipping port in the states. Call us for more details.
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We ship all our markers in thick Styrofoam boxes through FedEx or UPS. All our larger headstones are packed in wooden crates and shipped through Less Than truck Load (LTL) common carriers. LTL carriers come with a lift gate to unload the crates from the truck to the ground. The delivery drivers will not bring the crates to any place other than the nearest paved area.
We are 100% responsible for the safety of the headstone until it reaches the final destination.
We do not ship to any international destinations.