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Compare Monument Prices

We strongly encourage you to compare prices of the headstones before you commit to buy from any single source. Since this is a one time buying process, not a lot of information is provided to you by most of the dealer that will help you make an educated buying decision.

If you dig deeper and do your homework right, you can save upto 60% over the retail prices that are available at funeral homes, cemeteries and most monument shops. When you compare prices, compare apples to apples. Look for the size (watch for the thickness) so that you compare the same size everywhere.

Model, Finish - Some companies hike up the price based on the model and finish. With us most common models and all finishes are priced the same.

Material - Although all the materials are granite or bronze or stainless steel, there is still a difference between the qualities of the material. Just like there is a difference between a Chevy and a Cadillac. When you compare prices, look for the quality of the granite material and the color consistency. Also look for the quality of workmanship. Where the lettering is done using a single step process or 2 step process. Look for warranty on the product and price guarantee.

Find out what are the costs above and beyond the prices quoted–like cemetery foundation, cemetery setting, shipping and handling, any other cemetery related fees. Make sure you figure out the price that includes the local sales tax when you buy from a local company. When you buy online you don’t pay sales tax.